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Air Conditioners

Summer in Ontario can be one of the most brutal months for a homeowner, with the rising humidity in the air, the high temperatures and the lack of a cool breeze on the winds.

Picking out a new Air Conditioner should not be a hard task with sales people forcing units that are oversized or undersized for your home, without the proper cooling load calculations done.

At Sareena, you can call or fill out the form to schedule a free assessment in your home and receive a quote for a new system. 


Air Conditioners

Not sure if it is time to retire your air conditioner yet?

You should primarily start to think about replacing your equipment after the 10 year mark, though some can last upwards to 20 years before having issues.

Some common problems you may be running into after years of faithful service from your equipment are including but not limited to; running constantly, not turning on, no cool air flowing, hot air blowing out, water leakage, power cycling ( the unit turning on & off ), system freezing and more! 

We are proud to have one of our technicians install most major brands to your liking, including with high end units that can help promote your indoor air quality, humidity control, and quiet outdoor units. Contact us today!