Air Purifier – GeneralAire SF-2018 Second Wind UV

GeneralAire Second Wind™ 2000 UV Air Purifier (GFI #4919) results in 53% reduction of Coronavirus in HVAC ducting in a single pass (continued degradation on subsequent passes).


SF 2018:

  • Suitable for homes up to 1700 sq feet
  • Plug in 120v
  • Lamp Size 18″
  • Replacement Lamp SF-1076R
  • Replacement Ballast SF-1060E-R
  • Lamp replacement every 2 years

GeneralAire SF-2018 Second Wind UV AirPurifier 110V 1 lamp 18″

There is nothing more important than the air we breathe. Second Wind’s 2000 Series Units Are A Mainstay Of The Indoor Air Quality Industry. Combining High Intensity Ultraviolet Light With Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Odor Control, These Models Help Provide Clean Purified Air.

GeneralAire Air Purifier
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