Important Safety Advice For Furnaces

Furnace Safety Sareena

Safety Advice

As the weather gets cooler, the furnace becomes a daily requirement. You should be aware of various safety precautions in order to ensure that your furnace is operating safely and you are avoiding any potential risks.

Here are some of the points:

Keep flammable objects out of reach

The best course of action is to keep objects away from your furnace as this poses a risk. Even though your furnace room offers storage space, it is best to keep stuff out of the way to eliminate any risks. Paint thinners, gas, sawdust, and paper products are just a few things that shouldn’t be anywhere near the furnace room. Never leave any combustibles in the furnace room.

Make sure the air flows constantly

For your furnace to operate properly, it needs a steady flow of air. In the absence of airflow, your furnace will look elsewhere in your house for it. This could result in low oxygen levels in your home, which is very bad for your health and could affect the system’s health. Make sure registers are not obstructed.

Routine Inspections

Like any other device, a furnace needs maintenance. Be sure to regularly check on your furnace in addition to performing any required repairs and routine maintenance. Check to see that everything is in order whenever you are in the basement. Contact our HVAC experts at Sareena Heating and Cooling, if you notice anything unusual.

Good Maintenance
Making ensuring your furnace and any associated parts get the correct care is crucial. This requires routine maintenance, changing the air filter, cleaning the air ducts, etc. Contact Sareena Heating and Cooling to make a furnace maintenance appointment. Keep in mind that disregarding any warning signs can result in later, more serious, and expensive problems.

Security first! Enjoy a cozy and secure heating season. 

Make an appointment with us right away to have our professionals examine your Furnace before it’s too late.

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