Air Purifier – GeneralAire SF-2000-230OD

Product Introduction & benefits:

Model SF-2000 (Effective up to 4,000 sq/ft homes)

The second wind UVC PCO air purifier is specifically designed to be connected to a residential HVAC system (Gas Furnace /Air Handler). with a powerful 18″ UV-C / PCO germicidal / oxidizing lamp, the Second Wind air purifier will destroy chemical and biological contaminants, as well as odors throughout your home.

Air Purifier , Generalaire

  • Model Series: Second Wind 2000 Series
  • Item Description:  UVC-PCO Air Cleaner, 120 VAC / 18″ Dual Lamp
  • Manufacturers’ Part Number: SF-2000  (up to 4000 sq. ft)
  • Nominal Size: 6.5” W x 8.0” H x 18” D
  • Required Supply Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Operation: Continuous 24/7
  • Maintenance Schedule: Lamp replacement every 2 years
  • Purifying Technologies Utilized: UV-C + PCO

GeneralAire SF-2000-230OD Second Wind NEMA Series Industrial/Commercial UV 2 x 18″
All Second Wind NEMA Air Purifiers are designed to address Heating and Air Conditioning of Rooftop Air handling units. Second Wind use Ultraviolet Light at a frequency of 254 nanometers to reduce biological growth on evaporator coils and drain pans as well as purifying recirculated air.
Air Purifier
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